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Participation in #AcWriMo, Academic Writing Month, November 2012

November 1, 2012

I’ve kept away from this blog for most of the year for good reasons.  First I was preoccupied with a family tragedy, and then I slowly transitioned back to completing my dissertation.  Anything interesting I had to say went into the dissertation chapters, not this blog, but I’m going to try and get back into in again.  The past few months in particular have been especially productive, and I’m trying to keep the momentum going.  So for November, I am going to participate in #AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month), a modification on last November’s #AcBoWriMo (Academic Book Writing Month), which is itself a variation on #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Here is the blog post that invites academics to participate in this year’s #AcWriMo:  “Announcing AcWriMo”

So let me review what I’ve done the past few months, and then list my goals for #AcWriMo.  I’d say I got back on track with my work when I did a significant revision of my dissertation outline in July, so I’ll start from there:

  1. Revised my dissertation outline.
  2. Completed Chapter Four.
  3. Completed Chapter Five.  This is the last substantive chapter for the dissertation.  I have complete drafts now for chapters one through five.
  4. Applied for a job at the University of Sydney and got selected for an interview.
  5. Prepared for the interview with a mini-lesson that I had to teach via Video Skype, and did my due diligence to prepare for the actual interview, also conducted via Video Skype.
  6. Applied for a travel grant that would take me back to Jakarta, Aceh, and Bali in January 2013.

I’m pretty satisfied with all that I’ve completed during the past three months or so.  Feels good to be back into my writing, and even better to be graduating soon!  So here are my goals for #AcWriMo:

  1. Complete Introduction and Conclusion.  (due date:  Election Day)
  2. Prepare for my conference presentation at the AAA meetings in San Francisco. (due date:  Nov. 14th)
  3. Work on chapter revisions in most need of it. (at this point, this is Chapters Two and Three) (due date:  Thanksgiving)
  4. Prepare for a Friday morning medical anthropology seminar talk at Harvard (which will be a short version of my dissertation’s Chapter Five), scheduled for 2 December.
  5. Prepare the opening statement for my dissertation defense, scheduled for 6 December.  (due date for 4&5:  Nov. 30th)
  6. If I can make good progress on these tasks on schedule, then I’d like to also write a few blog posts this month, maybe about my upcoming presentations, or some of the ideas I’m working with in my dissertation, or about Daniel Ziv’s much-anticipated new documentary about street musicians in Jakarta.  Lots of ideas!

I will use Twitter to update my progress on these #AcWriMo goals throughout November.  Wish me luck, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

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