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A New Blog

November 30, 2009

Hi, my name is Jesse Grayman, and this is my new blog.  Since late 2001, I’ve kept an on-again, off-again livejournal, and the content has been largely personal.  There were a few periods when I used it for posting field notes, or publicizing achievements of one kind or another, and I’ve put up lots of photos on this other livejournal. But lately I’ve come to realize that livejournal doesn’t have a lot of the tools for professional writing. Recently I met with a consultant from Germany doing research on provincial partition in Aceh (the ALA / ABAS movements, for those who are familiar with the region), something I wrote about in 2008, and if he hadn’t met me through a chance networking connection two degrees removed, he would never have seen my report on the subject. He was grateful for stumbling upon it, which served as useful background for his own work, but he stressed to me that there are better ways to publicize my research. After more than four years working in Aceh, I’ve accumulated a small collection of research reports, and with this new blog I can put them all in one place here with proper titles and tags, so that others might find them without relying on luck or friends. I will also write opinion and thought pieces on current events and ongoing projects in the places where I work (mostly Aceh, but also Indonesia broadly). I will still keep my personal livejournals (and twitter, and flickr, and facebook…), but just as I infuse those fora with my work, this new blog will not be purely professional in its orientation either. Let’s see how it works out…

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